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Just Zach, Really
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May 2005
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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

Is this for real? I mean really for real? Because I've worried and been hacked off for years, and now... poof, problem solved. I almost feel like I don't know what to do with myself, now.

At any rate, good on you, Potter. I take back every foul thing I ever said about you. Just hope you got a lick or two in in Cedric's name. Please say you did. He deserved that, right along with your mum and dad, and everybody else He hurt.

Huh. Well. Guess I don't have to feel guilty about playing pro-Quidditch any longer. Nice, that. And maybe I can apply for that Dept. of Muggle Relations position, now that I don't have to spend every spare second brushing up on defence. Huh.

I guess once it really sinks in, I'll be ecstatic. For now, just... thank you Potter.

Thank you. I mean it.

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

My, my. Awfully quiet round here lately. Suppose everyone is busy revising for NEWTs or making last attempts to impress the scouts. Still, very strange to log on here and not see Potter making strange abbreviations in Goldstein's direction, or Granger blathering on to remind us how the upcoming exams are going to determine our whole future. Even Malfoy has failed to cook up any melodrama to command the spotlight.

No point looking a gift horse in the mouth, however. May as well use the quiet to grab a spot of attention for myself.

Pansy- I do believe you still owe me one tarot reading. As I am both curious to know what my future holds and simultanaeously skeptical that you can actually tell me so, I think we should remedy the situation at once. I know you are probably busy with schoolwork and with your bloke, but humour a friend and amuse me for old times' sake, eh?

Justin- FF, I know for a fact that you still owe me one blokes' night out. Can you believe, I still haven't told you everything about my most recent owl from Davies, my love life, the boggart I saw, and any number of things? How incredibly neglectful of me. Let's make some solid plans, shall we?

Ginny- You owe me nothing at all, but since I find that I look forward to seeing your lovely face more and more each passing day, I thought perhaps we could spend a bit of time together, as well? I've been working on a song I'd like your advise on, and I have some more ideas about that which we spoke of the last time we spent the evening together. If that's not enough to entice you, be advised that I have a large number of chocolate frogs, as well, and I know you are still looking for a Suleiman the Sorceror card for your collection. Just ponder the possibility that it may lie under the foil wrapped around one of these tasty treats, hmmmm?

Everybody- Sweet merlin, we need some excitement. Are we to end our final term here not with a bang, but a whimper? Seems a bit anticlimactic after all we've been through the last six and a half years.

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

I've just looked at the clock, don't you know, and fancy what I saw. Why, it is officially 15 February, and that means, firstly that that horrid day known as Valentine's is over, and thankfully with a minimum of fuss, but as well that you are another year older. There've been so many birthdays of late I feel almost silly posting about it but I couldn't have you thinking I'd forgotten, now, could I? After the bonanza thrown for Ellie, I'm thinking something quieter might be in order, a bloke's night out perhaps, over the weekend. That way you can spend tomorrow night with Blaise. How's that sound? Do let me know.

Oh, and I have news. Yes indeedy I do. And for once, it is of the good variety.

PS- I was the first to say it- HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HAH.

PS #2- GOOD JOB HUFFLEPUFFS!!! And totally UNSUPRISINGLY so. Hmmmmph. I'm extremely proud of you all, and excellent managing, Justin, as always.

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

For Merlin's sake, Justin, PUT A BLOODY SHIRT ON! Nobody wants to see that. Okay, perhaps Zabini wants to see it, but her birthday is over.

Leave it to you, mate. Honestly. I am traumatised. I shall have to scrub my beastly eyes.

You are so PALE.

You clearly need Butterbeer.

And frogs.

Where did you run off to?

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

All right, everyone? Those ruddy madmen...

And, Virginia, your brother- is he all right? I saw Pomfrey's post and then nothing else. I hope so.

Pansy... thank you. Just... yeah, thank you. Is it awful that amid all this I'm finally beginning to feel at peace? By the way, I found some chinchilla-lined gloves. They look nice with my uniform. I may need a matching accessory some time soon.

Justin, I demand your presence for New Year's Eve. I've escaped to my grandfather's- he's not so paranoid as my parents about falling victim to some attack. I won't snog you at midnight but I'm sure we can manage to find some sort of trouble, if we try hard enough.

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

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Just Zach, Really [userpic]

Why, Hogwarts, I never knew my hair held such fascination for you. I shall have to get a trim and make sure it looks ever so spiffing for my return from holiday. By the by, its beauty is entirely natural, I do assure you. Nary a bottle approaches my head but those containing shampoo.

It is so pleasant to be home.

Oh, and Weasley- I am not a Slytherin wannabe. Had I wanted to be in Slytherin I could certainly be there, since the Hat did offer it to me as an option. So I'm afraid that shoots your ickle theory down. And I must say, wow... because while I have adjusted to your unusual punctuation whilst typing, the fact that you took the effort to actually write it out in that book... well, the things were supposed to be anonymous, you know. Subtlety is an art lost on some, I'm afraid.

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